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Student wins SpecKids Unlimited Award

Apr 22, 2010

Hamilton Spectator Publisher Dana Robbins presented Mannat Malik of Hillfield Strathallan College with the first SpecKids Unlimited Award.

Spectator publisher Dana Robbins presented Malik, who says volunteering to aid others helps her find herself, at Volunteer Hamilton’s 2010 Community Builders Breakfast at Carmen’s Banquet Centre this morning.

The award recognizes someone who plays a leadership role in Hamilton’s community by making a difference in the lives of youth and children through long-term dedicated efforts to prove the quality of life for children and youth.

Malik is the leader of Hillfield Strathallan’s project with Settlement and Integration Services Organization (SISO). She and other students meet once a week with refugee youth to teach them English and help them adjust to Canada.

“Volunteering helps me understand who I am and what I want to be,” Malik told the breakfast audience.

The reward comes, she said, when someone grasps what she is trying to explain and become joyful.

Paul Johnson, the executive director of Wesley Urban Ministries and member of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, was named as the first annual Alumni Volunteer Award winner by alumni of the Bay Area Leadership Council.

The award honours a graduate of the community leadership program who demonstrates the program’s philosophy and has made a significant impact by being a catalyst for positive change.

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Poverty is an important factor in health. Being poor can mean more physical and mental health problems and a lower life expectancy.


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