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Spectator kicks off partnership with school

Nov 10, 2014

The Spectator yesterday unveiled a new poverty reduction initiative, Kids Unlimited, through which the newspaper has "adopted" Hess Street School.

The new partnership will put the corporate and, more importantly, human resources of the paper at the service of the inner-city school in a long-term commitment that will include projects like a clothes "closet", nutrition programs, fundraising and literacy initiatives. Organizers hope to use the Kids Unlimited project to develop a template that other companies could use to create similar partnerships with high-needs schools.

"Kids Unlimited has a really quite simple mandate -- it's the same mandate that the Poverty Roundtable has -- to make this the best possible place to raise a child," said Spectator Editor-in-Chief Dana Robbins.

"We want to (help) the kids at this school reach their full potential, that's why it's unlimited, Kids Unlimited. That's what this is all about, making sure these kids can have every opportunity that any child in Hamilton should rightly expect as a citizen of this country."

Hess Street School is an inner-city school with 466 students in classes ranging from kindergarten to Grade 8. The students come from around the world and collectively speak more than two dozen languages. Nearly half of the school's family households are living in poverty.

The school was chosen in consultation with the Hamilton school board by a joint staff and management group as part of the paper's Poverty Project, a three-year corporate and journalism commitment to focus on poverty reduction.




Did you know?

More than 26 per cent of Hamilton children under the age of six live in poverty.


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